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ILS-D1RW-008 Dual LED Obstruction Lighting System

The ILS-D1RW-8SP-E1 Dual LED Lighting System utilizes LED technology for both red night and white day lighting. This complete E1 system consists of a Dual LED Flash head, Power Supply, interconnecting cables, photocell kit and side light kit.

ILS-D1RW Dual LED Obstruction Lighting System
  • Single enclosure design for ease of installation.
  • GPS Flash synchronization requires only the addition of a GPS antenna.
  • Non-latching alarm contacts prevent nuisance site visits.
  • Alarm Contacts (Form-C) provide for White Alarm, Red Alarm, Side Light, Photocell and Power Failure alarms.
  • Status Contacts (Form-C) provided for day/night mode.
  • DIP switch selectable for Red/ White FAA Type L-864(L)/ L-865(L) or White/White FAA Type L-865(L).
  • Support for all popular models of LED side lights.
  • Failure of photocell to transition results in default to day mode operation.
  • Manual Mode Override switch.
  • Indicator LEDs provide for red and white alarms, PEC alarm, side light alarm, operating mode and GPS functions.
  • E2 type systems available (ILS-D1RW-8SP-E2).
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ETL Certified to AC150/5345-43, Type L-864(L)/L-865(L)
Day Intensity:
20,000 ±25% effective candelas
Night Intensity:
2,000 ±25% effective candelas
Beam Pattern:
360oC Horizontal, ≥3oC Vertical
Flash Rate: 40FPM Day, 40FPM White Night, 20FPM Red Night
Side Lights: 0 to 4 Type L-810(L) LED
Flash Head: Height: 7.28" (18.5cm), Diameter: 16" (40.7cm), 26lbs (11.7kg)
Power Supply: 23.63" (60cm) x 16.57" (42cm) x 9.76" (24.8cm), 40lbs (18.1kg)
Suppression: 70 Joule, 275V, Input Power, PEC, Side Lights
  45 Joule, 275V, All Dry-Contact Alarms
Temperature: -40oC to +55oC
Input Power: 120 or 240Vac, 50 / 60 Hz
  Day: 100W, White Night: 12W, Red Night: 35W
Humidity: Less than 95%, non-condensing
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