Dual Red/White Medium Intensity Obstruction Lighting Systems may provide conspicuity for structures in both day and night.  Dual Red/White Obstruction Lighting Systems may be used on structures of 500 feet AGL or less.  This page contains an overview of dual red/white medium intensity obstruction lighting requirements as well as a list of applicable Advisory Circulars and Engineering Briefs.  ITL, LLC offers a wide range of  Dual Obstruction Lighting Systems  to aide in compliance with FAA regulations.

AC 70/7460-1 Obstruction Marking and Lighting
AC 150/5345-43 Specification for Obstruction Lighting Equipment
AC 150/5345-53 Airport Lighting Equipment Certification Program
EB 67 Light Sources other than Incandescent and Xenon for Airport and Obstruction Lighting Fixtures

The latest Obstruction Lighting Advisory Circulars
can be found at the FAA web site, www.faa.gov

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