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AutoDialer Pro™

ITL AutoDialer Pro™ Network Operation Center (NOC) Software works with ITL monitoring systems to keep you informed about your tower sites.

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ITL AutoDialer Pro™ software utilizes client/server architecture to allow multiple users to simultaneously access historical data, connect to sites in real-time, view incoming alarms, and perform database operations. Scalable to fit the needs of any size organization.

AutoDialer Pro™ Monitoring

View and manage your monitoring systems with multiple users in real-time, day or night.

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AutoDialer Pro™ Features

  • Extensive logging and reporting of historical data
  • Multi-user client/server software architecture
  • Internet protocol (IP) and dial-up modem communication capability
  • Supports multiple simultaneous modem and IP connection sessions for increased speed
  • Supports up to 25,000 sites
  • Remote-control of tower lighting system intensity mode (Day/Night mode) to aid in troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • Real-time graphic display of tower lighting system alarm state
  • Access to photocell day/night transition times and alarm times

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