E-1DB Parts Diagram

E-1DB Aftermarket Parts List
ITL P/N OEM P/N Description
CAP-HP03-1KV STB99008 CSI Capacitor, Resonant, 3uF, C101
CAP-0004-2K5 STB99010 Capacitor, Night, 4uF, C102
CAP-HP40-1KV STB99006 Capacitor, Day, 40uF, C103-C110
FT0-02WL-006 STFLSHTB6 Flash Tube, Day Mode, FT1
FT0-O2WL-007 STFLSHTB7 Flash Tube, Night Mode, FT2
FUS-A125-3AG FUSE.125 Fuse, 1/8 Amp, F41 on PCB4
FUS-001A-KTK KTK1 Fuse, Isolation Transformer, F1
FUS-005A-KTK KTK5 Fuse, Sidelight, S1
FUS-010A-KTK KTK10 Fuse, Input Fuse, F2
MOD-0MKR-03K SRCR430T Current Sensor, M1
ITL-01269-000* STH01269 Trigger Board, PCB1
ITL-01269-000* STH01308 Trigger Bd. For LED Conversion
ITL-02226-000 STH02226 HV Rectifier Board, PCB2
ITL-03269-000 STH03269 Relay Board, PCB3
RES-ASSY-25K-R32 STA08020 Bleeder Resistor, R32
RLY-A11AG-120 X99KE Relay, DPDT, K1, K4, K6, K8
RLY-A5AG-120 X9KE Relay, SPDT, K7
RLY-FTMR-120 STJ10006 Relay, Bleeder, K2, K3
RLY-KRPA-SOCK PB27E12 Relay Socket, Octal
SW1-ASSY-INT STJ02003 Safety Switch, Beacon, BSS1
SW0-ASSY-INT STJ02001 Safety Switch, Cabinet, CCS1
OTB-E1DB-FH10-ASSY DBTERMBLK10KIT Terminal Block, 10-Position, Kit
OTB-E1DB-HP8-ASSY DBTERMBLK8KIT Terminal Block, 8-Position, Kit
XFR-TRG0-TWR STC05005 Trigger Transformer, T4, T5
PEC-NITE-120 P2455L Photocell, 120V


*Note: The ITL-01269-000 is DIP switch selectable for 1269/1308 operation.

ITL, LLC offers in-house repair services for the E-1DB power supplies and circuit boards.



E-2/3DB Aftermarket Parts
ITL P/N OEM P/N Description
ITL-01279-000 STH01279 Trigger Board, E-2/3DB, PCB1
ITL-02258-000 STH02258A HV Rectifier Board, PCB2


ITL, LLC offers in-house repair services for the E-2/3DB power supplies and circuit boards.

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