FTB-205 Parts Diagram

FTB-205 Aftermarket Parts List
ITL P/N OEM P/N Description
CAP-0003-1KV 6577903 Capacitor, Tuning, 3uF, C4
CAP-0001-1KV 6848202 Capacitor, Night, 1uF, C3
CAP-0040-1KV 6386503 Capacitor, Twilight, 40uF, C2A
CAP-0070-1KV 6720401 Capacitor, Day, 70uF, C1A-C1G
DIO-BRGE-312 6902806 Diode Bridge, BR1
FT0-FLSH-205-LD 8671301 Flash Tube, 9 inch, FT1
FT0-FLSH-205-15 8466301 Flash Tube, 15 inch, FT1
ITL-2480-000 22480XX HV Rectifier Board, 1.5KV, PCB2
ITL-4580-000 2458005 HV Rectifier Board, 1KV, PCB2
ITL-4980-000 24980XX Timing & Trigger Board, PCB 1
ITL-4988-000 24988XX Timing & Trigger Board, PCB 1
ITL-8111-000 2811101 Sense Board, PCB3
ITL-8811-000 2881101 Sense Board, PCB3
RES-01K5-050 6900535 Resistor, Burst, 1.5K, 50W, R2A,B
RES-035K-050 6900541 Resistor, Bleeder, 35K, 50W R1A,B
RLY-FTMR-120 8328802 Relay, Bleeder, 120V, K3
RLY-FTMR-024 8328801 Relay, Mode, 24V, K1, K2
SUP-120V-000 8250801 Suppressor, 120V, VR1
SW0-ASSY-205 d>8205501 Interlock Switch Assembly, S1/S2
XFR-PWR0-205 884150X Transformer, 1000V, Multi-tap, T1
XFR-FLSH-CPL 8336702 Coupling Transformer, T102
XFR-TRIG-205 8288201 Trigger Transformer, T101
ITL-140X-KIT   140 Controller Bd Kit, PCB100,200


ITL, LLC offers in-house repair services for the FTB-205 and FTB-225 power converters and all circuit boards including the 4990 and 9044.

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