FTB-312 Parts Diagram

FTB-312 Aftermarket Parts List
ITL P/N OEM P/N Description
CAP-00U5-1KV 6848201 Burst Capacitor, 0.5uF, C3
CAP-0001-1KV 6848202 Burst Capacitor, 1uF, C3
CAP-0003-1KV 6577903 Tuning Capacitor, 3uF, C4
CAP-0040-1KV 6386503 Capacitor, 40uF, C2B
CAP-0070-1KV 6720401 Day Capacitor, 70uF, C2A, C2C, C2D
DIO-BRGE-312 6902806 Diode Bridge, BR1
FT0-FLSH-312 8384308 Flash Tube, FT101
FUS-001A-3AG 4900337 Fuse, F5, F6
FUS-005A-3AG 4900345 Marker Fuse, F1
FUS-008A-3AG 4901931 Power Fuse, F1
IND-BCHK-312 4860601 Burst Choke, L1
ITL-4580-000 8458001 High Voltage Rectifier Board, PCB2
ITL-4740-000 24740xx Timing & Trigger Board, PCB1
ITL-4747-000   Trigger Board for AutoDialer Pro, PCB1
  24747xx *Refurbished OEM 4747 Board, PCB1
ITL-8111-000 2811101 Sense Module, PCB4
ITL-8040-000 2804001 Filter Detection Board
ITL-8653-001 2865301 Telephone Line Surge Suppressor, LS1
LMP-NEON-312 4902317 High Voltage Warning Lamp, HV
RES-035K-050 6900541 Bleed Resistor, R1
RES-0500-050 6900532 Burst Resistor, R2
RLY-CUBE-RED 4902617 Marker Relay, K5
RLY-FTMR-120 8328802 Discharge Relay, 120V, K3
RLY-FTMR-024 8328801 Mode Relay, 24V, K2
SW0-ASSY-INT 4901220 Interlock Switch, SW1
SUP-120V-000 6901079 Suppressor, 120V, VR1
XFR-FLSH-CPL 8336702 Coupling Transformer, T102
XFR-PWR0-312 8841201 Power Transformer (-43E), T1
XFR-TRIG-205 8288201 Trigger Transformer, T101
RNC-0001-ASY 8403407 Resistor Network, FH306/308, RC102
RNC-1KPF-ASY 8403403 Resistor Network, FH306/308, RC101
PEC-0510-0HD 1855001 Photocell, Resistive
FH0-0306-ACT   Actuator Assembly


ITL, LLC offers in-house repair services for the FTB-312 power converter, Flash Head Actuator, and all circuit boards including the 4747 and 9038 boards.

*Refurbished boards offered as available.

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