ILS-3400 Parts Diagram

ILS-3400 Parts List
ITL P/N Description
CAP-0003-1KV Tuning Capacitor, 3 uF. 1KV
CAP-0003-1K4 Night Capacitor, 3 uF, 1.4KV
CAP-0070-1KV Day Capacitor, 70uF, 1KV
FT0-3400-000 Flash Tube
FT0-CLIP-3400 Flash Tube Mounting Clip
FUS-001A-3AG Fuse 1A, 3A, SLO-BLO
FUS-005A-3AG Fuse 5A, 3A, SLO-BLO
FUS-008A-3AG Fuse 8A, 3A, SLO-BLO
HDW-SPA10-125 Spacer #10-32 x 1.25
HDW-SPA8-100 Spacer #8-32 x 1
IND-3400-FCH Flash Choke, IPS-3400
IND-BCHK-312 Night Choke, ILS-3400/2400
ITL-3400-TRG Trigger Board
ITL-3401-RLY Alarm Board
ITL-3410-0HV High Voltage Board
ITL-3421-SEN Sense Board
ITL-3440-PCS Modem Board
ITL-3450-WHT Base Plate Assembly White for IFH-2400/IFH-3400
ITL-3451-RNC RC Board
ITL-3460-RED Base Plate Assembly Red for IFH-3400
LEN-3400-RED-ASY Red Lens Cover
LEN-3400-CLR-ASY Clear Lens Cover with Middle Ring
LMP-NEON-02K Neon Lamp, Red, 120V
MOV-FLSH-130 MOV, 130V, 70J
RES-0100-050 Night Resistor , 100 Ohm
RES-ASSY-34K-BLE Resistor 25K, 20W, with Ring Lug
RES-ASSY-34K-HV Resistor Assembly for IPS-3400, HV with Ring Lug
RLY-FTMR-024 Power Relay, 24V
RLY-FTMR-120 Power Relay, 120V
SUP-130V-34K Suppressor Assembly
SW0-ASSY-INT Interlock Switch
XFR-3400-ASY Transformer for IPS-3400 Power Converter
XFR-FLSH-CPL Coupling Transformer
XFR-3400-CPL Coupling Transformer
XFR-3400-TRG Trigger Transformer

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