KG-225 Parts Diagram

KG-225 Aftermarket Parts List
ITL P/N OEM P/N Description
CAP-HP04-1KV 77-3911 Resonating Capacitor, 4uF, C1
CAP-HP05-1KV CA505B661CDG Night Capacitor, 5uF, C2
CAP-0070-1KV CA706A441EK Day Capacitor, 70uF, C2-5
FT0-00KG-225 C6A1004AA2 Flash Tube, FT1
FAN-00KG-225 A6A1010AF2 Fan
IND-FCHK-KG225   Flash Choke
ITL-KG225-PCB1 B6A1801PCB1A Power Supply Board, PCB1
RES-015K-50W RW50RB1502GF Discharge Resistors, R15, R20
RES-001K-50W RW50RD1502GF Burst Resistors, R16, R17
RES-0050-50W RW50RB2502GF Heater Resistors, R23, R24, R25
RLY-SPST-0NC KA121AV152HE Mode Relay, K1
RLY-TPTD-120 KA121AV1032C Bleeder Relay, K3
XFR-PWR0-312 TP24D1121506 Power Transformer, T1
XFR-TRIG-TB3   Trigger Transformer


ITL, LLC offers in-house repair services for the KG-225 power supply and all circuit boards.

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