FG-3003B Parts Diagram

FG-3003B Aftermarket Parts List
ITL P/N OEM P/N Description
CAP-HP03-1KV 77-3311 Night Capacitor, 3uF, C3
CAP-0070-1KV CA706A441EK Day Capacitor, 70uF, C2A-F
FT0-00FG-02K 12S00602 Flash Tube, FT1, FT2
FUS-002A-2AG >FUMDA20G251 Fuse, DC/DC Converter, F4
FUS-012A-FNM DP-4136 Fuse, Sidelights, F3
FUS-030A-FNM FUFNM300251 Fuse, Sidelights, F1
ITL-33H00-307* 33H00307 Photocontrol/DC current sense bd.
ITL-3939-000 277-3939 Diode Board
ITL-3940-000 77-3940 Switch Board (board only)
ITL-4163-000 >277-4163 SyncMonitor Board
ITL-5014-000 277-5014 Trigger Board, (3000B)
ITL-5016-000 277-5016 MotherBoard
LMP-100W-032 LH100032A21A Obstruction Lamp, 100W, 32VDC
LMP-3003-24V   Control Power On LED
RES-0020-40W 277-2759 Resistor, 20ohm, 40W, R2, R3,R4
RLY-03KB-0K3 >KA025DC10S2N Relay, Trigger Steering, K3
RLY-D1D40-000 KR101DV4011T Relay,Solid State, DC, K5
RLY-SPDT-ESC2-24V >77-3870 Interlock & Mode Relay, K1, K2
SW0-ASSY-INT 277-2644 InterlockSwitch
XFR-TRG0-03K 277-4040W Trigger Transformer, White,T1
XFR-TRG0-03K 77-4040R TriggerTransformer, Red, T2
CBL-3400-000 77-4017 Flash Head Cable


*Note: The ITL-33H00-307 is DIP switch selectable for 307/207 operation. ITL 24VDC LED side lights are supported.

ITL, LLC offers in-house repair services for the FG-3003B power supply and all circuit boards including the DC/DC Converter.

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